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10 Poems - Variations from the Same Vocabulary List ~ Twitter Sized Poetry

As limited as the's word list is, I did get a couple new twists out in this batch, along with re-visiting some old familiar themes.

  • babys web surrounds my universe / i willingly make this change / for spun in your embrace / is the life so desired

  • a hot steamy bath can feel good / but you do linger - it is like ice / after, a cold, fresh clean you almost remembers

  • eyeing that cup cake she said / he is too greedy, give it to me / so i presented it to him 

  • dark looks, naked greed seeping lips / listen - who never desires more? / we have to do our animal dance

  • my desires blinded me to your lies / but as we kiss the bitter words haunt / i almost lament our nakedness

  • her poison kiss frees trouble / eternity rots, dies - killed by cold lips / their colour dark like her decayed heart

  • lingering over coffee, smokeing / we idle the morning / we never lie about our feelings / but we like our secrets

  • every day the soft perfume of my quiet desire / falls about you, lingering / but your heart is blind to my steam

  • his dog, a squirming bug, fishing / they are boy things / yet in his child - like laugh / a young man is born

  • i look to my dark hearted man and worry / but see our son as yet not changed / and so celebrate my present boy 

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