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The Beautiful Buzzards of Bath #365project #photo 167/365

The Beautiful Buzzards of Bath

The Annual Return of the Buzzards to Bath Ohio (not Hinckley)
You've heard of the Swallows of Capistrano. You may have even heard of the Buzzards of Hinckley. But you have probably never heard of the Buzzards of Bath.

Every year the flock of Buzzards / Turkey Buzzards / Vultures return to the woods east of Lima, north of the reservoir, in Bath Township, Ohio. Well over a hundred were soaring and circling before sunset. It was an incredible sight. The people of Bath, who live in the neighborhood next to the woods,  were all out watching, and tell me it's been going on for decades.

A google search did not turn up any info on this location, but it is known that the Buzzards return each year to several Ohio locations. The folks of Hinckley were just good marketers and made a name for their town by celebrating the birds' return. 

Like other large birds of prey, Buzzards can soar for hours on thermals without flapping their wings. Lots more interesting, and some gruesome, facts about Turkey Vulture Buzzards here (link).

Here's a short video clip I shot of the buzzards circling a little before sunset, followed by several more photos.

 #365project #photo 167/365

Pop Art Pixels - Digital Art Photography by Marianne Dow

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