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Mixed Bag ~ A Few More Twitter Sized Poems

Another batch of Twitter sized poems from my overflowing file cabinet.
  • come star riding - eternity seen / look, in time you father a child / a girl who has your smile / she remembers
  • die - fly the blue sky up in clouds / like an angel dance the breeze / with your heart beating not / peace in eternity
  • universe born from ice and steam / seen to boastful men, blind, as dark / yet the light is free for the good hearted
  • her young desires - dance laugh live / his kiss altered her wild life / after, she is this wholesome woman
  • my home is quiet as morning comes / i listen to them wake up - brief their growling / then their laughs make it day
  • listening in the dark to his insolent laugh / i blush, yet melt with deep desire / as his greedy lips bring me to life
  • put in jobs, they fade - their eternity dark / but with work they feel drawn to, their light gleams
  • my man - how his embrace surrounds, warm / he listens and remembers my every word / we laugh, dance. his kiss heals
  • heart changes colour to blue / after joy bleeds away / as this feeling of a decaying life cuts me

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