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And Then I Wrote These ~ The Next 10 Twitter Sized Poems

[My poetry file cabinet is a mixed bag, that's for sure. And likely never to be organized.]

And then I wrote these:

the cat would listen & laugh at dogs - man, too / as he never trusted their boastful words / felines know a lie

free this prisoner at once i said / idle not, long eternity is over / presented with fresh time, go live your alter life

a trusting life has a secret joy / after lies and greed die / once all are laughing / listen - peace is born

as morning breezes dance in / we breathe to the rhythm of the ocean / our desire is born fresh / kiss, embrace - explore

drink soon melting her concrete no / away sailed her child - flower, free / the soft web of eternity did surround her

i ask - cat are you sad? / laughing, he changes in to / a animal never seen / but says i may not ride him

if the light of yesterday never fades / then be never bitter from those long cold / with time, feel the blaze of joy

we have poisoned our sacred ocean / most fish are dieing away / our hands can never be clean

two, shy as night comes on / worrying. can they lie naked & ferocious / or is their desire, ice - their fire out?

old woman - once feline, hot / must idle eternity here, a prisoner / she gazes from her window / longing to die
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