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Poems From the Eternity File ~ Twitter Sized Poetry

you die in the present / yet go free for eternity / born as star light & sky - ghosts / in the universes dance

angel crafted of marble / prisoner there for eternity / perhaps from this kiss you are born / go free, my goddess

this slow day is like magic / the present melts away / kissed by your soft lips / my eternity lingers desireing more

stars dazzle and dance / shadows sail the breeze / light can change the universe / eternity is sky - time only air

the red star spun warm this night / soon the ferocious blaze freeing them / then gleaming morning peace / eternity born

one brilliant gleaming day / her slow quiet magic kiss / melted his sad hard ice heart / kept it liquid for eternity

like the open oceans rhythm dance / peace is not kept for eternity / but flys away like soft breath / changed to bellow

haunted by their dark yesterdays / sky sailing ghosts desire / the secret to life for eternity / but by magic shunned

picture there a steel blue star / of liquid universe born / that by eternity / is seen as sky iceing

young joy did perfume that trip / pictures flicked by like kisses / flying hearts ride life / not slowing at eternity

shiver which opened sky above / surrounded by vast eternity / shyly desires soon spun about / then did celebrate kiss

young and insolent, they were after her woman flower / but so greed drawn of her kiss / are put cold eternitys prisoner

we breathd of quiet ocean morning / brilliant air perfumeed by soft breeze / dazzleing pool of blue eternity surrounds

from those which use trust / comes about good heart / some see our secret poison look / then eye our cold eternity

gleaming girl once did melt him / but old, is shadows prisoner / it shades her blaze from his eye / why is eternity cold

in the air, her magic laugh / blue sky, then stars stream there / a picture of vast universes / ask her for eternity

a young woman by window gazes / deeply thinking, her eyes brilliant / listen, her lips speak of knowing eternity

by night altered from quiet desire / would then our / blinding dazzlely gleaming coupling / stream light for eternity

troubling flower shunned look eye / only words ride sail fly / i listen - deftly flick her open / like an eternity sky

most bellow desire, like an animal - why? / for your soft smiles have a secret life / only then asking of eternitys kiss

secret heart born of deep kiss / shivering like ghost / one look at her brief gleaming / could melt away dark eternity

child angel sailing over the blue velvety haunt of eternity / devour time as sad morning peace would drink in yesterday

liquid kiss remembered / naked once, though the woman worrying / make broken my home, / melt their universe in eternity?

[Out of about 150 poems, I've written so far, almost 15% have the word ETERNITY in them. While it is a lovely word, how I wish the people would please add some new words to the vocabulary list. Pretty please!]

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