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Go Make Some Art - Magnetic Poetry by Me


we use dazzle color to appear genius
but empty of passion and real imagination
which come through our open life
you only create shimmer -- junk, waste
masterpieces demand original dreams
think -- imagine -- hear music, sing!
feel pain, joy -- be bold -- see world
see beauty -- sense grace, harmony
question investigate observe ask
experiment -- never rigid
live full, vivid, raw, free
then you will make some art

Mostly, I love using to write my little poems. But I must admit to occasional boredom and frustration with having to use the same few words over and over. I wish they would add more words to the list.

Still, it is a challenge to continue to use it as it is, always having to "draw to that inside straight" -- refreshing again and again until the word I know I want, or didn't know I needed, comes flying at me.

And it is interesting, too, to see how my poem turns out. Many times I start with a few words, a phrasing that tickles me, and I continue on until I am done, or until I am stopped by the limitations of the fewer words that fly out as you proceed -- sometimes having to turn a word or two back in, so that more choice will present itself.

Then I choose anew, thus changing the whole tone of the poem, until it has mutated into something else entirely from where I thought I was going when I started. The journey through my mind is fascinating (to me) -- ideas and concepts pop up, sometimes memories, sometimes an out-of-the-blue twist will surprise me.

But the desire for a larger vocabulary list drove me to search for any other online poetry widgets. Happily, I found the website of the Magnetic Poetry originator, Dave Kapell.

His MagPo site -- -- has a few poem-making widgets where you can write a longer poem, from much larger vocabulary lists. You can choose the theme you'd like to "play" with -- Poet, Artist, Genius, Office, and Romance.

It's a completely different experience from TwitterMagnets (see the photo at the top of this post). I've only written the one MagPo poem so far, from their ARTIST kit, but I'll be popping over there occasionally to see where my Magnetic Muse takes me!

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