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Feel the Rythym? Let's Dance! ~ Twitter Sized Poetry

Poems from my DANCE and RYTHYM file:

  • how my heart throbs for her / my desire has a rhythm beat / to which only she may dance
  • two who live life as one / have a magic dance remembered by their hearts / of slow kissing and lingering embrace
  • you die in the present / yet go free for eternity / born as star light & sky - ghosts / in the universes dance
  • your life - fire has brilliant colours / this morning, blushing red / as it dances above our kisses
  • stars dazzle and dance / shadows sail the breeze / light can change the universe / eternity is sky - time only air
  • like the open oceans rhythm dance / peace is not kept for eternity / but flys away like soft breath / changed to bellow
  • how she laughs at him / her only word - no / but then he put on those magic rhythms / and they spun, naked, danceing
  • his magic was his slow rhythm / we dance to his blues beat / my shivering heart kept time / yet warm our night kiss
  • a breeze has shadows danceing / they celebrate our light hearts / as we, laughing, speak poetry / which breathes joy
  • wild morning dance is poetry / that make gods smile / feeling young we embrace / & drink in lifes fresh blush
  • bitter cold needles her bones / yet they ask her to dance, give a kiss / though lively heart fire can blaze never more
  • time once, our dances spun wild / soon old - our smiles said never more / but one will always desire childish joys
  • velvet angel ghosts sail the blue air / their liquid changes dance the breezes / fathering brief sky poetry as clouds
  • moist baby kiss will melt away blues / child smiles warm all who breath the perfume / how they free our hearts to dance
  • eat, drink, celebrate our present light / too soon we fade out - ice ghosts who / never will dance young. blushing fire
  • melt drink perhaps devour naked / hand eye voice embrace woman / fire smoke magic perfume dance / she who knows of light
  • wholesome dance, celebrate life, make home / listen laugh - speak as present / so peace in our hands may fall
  • a secret smile, like a spun glass ghost dance / magic perfume colourise soft dark night / listen for life and this joy

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