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Valentine Kisses ~ Little Kiss Poems ~ Twitter Sized Poetry

Little Kiss Poems From the KISS file:

  • stars stream brilliant magic / we slow dance in their gleam / which fades as morning born / we kiss in yesterdays shadow

  • i melt at your kiss, shivering / you ask am i cold? we embrace / soon hot from our hearts blaze

  • he feels a cold shiver go down his woman / their kisses would warm them yet / but why devour? slow - they have all night

  • two who live life as one / have a magic dance remembered by their hearts / of slow kissing and lingering embrace

  • your life-fire has brilliant colours / this morning, blushing red / as it dances above our kisses

  • this slow day is like magic / the present melts away / kissed by your soft lips / my eternity lingers desireing more

  • time slowed for you, woman / your flowering did not fade / a fire blazes with in / our kiss is like yesterday

  • morning - i bring her coffee and / give her kisses which make her smile / she knows our free time is brief

  • a smile from him / is framed in her heart / she blushes red at his embrace / to kiss then is to melt away

  • one brilliant gleaming day / her slow quiet magic kiss / melted his sad hard ice heart / kept it liquid for eternity

  • her open heart heals him / quieting the lingering sadness / that shadows his days / they kiss - yesterdays fade away

  • me, listening - your soft voice at night / we, laughing as you put on perfume / our quiet kissing is a joyful secret
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