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My Poetry File Cabinet Overfloweth ~10 More Little Tweet Poems

10 More Little Tweet Poems from the Twitter Sized Poetry File Cabinet

•live only doing good / embrace as brothers, feeling light / speak peace, alter and heal / give that which you have

•there is an angel for every star up in the sky / we think of them above, gazeing down / our hearts joyful

•brilliant flowers blaze in light - like her / then in dark, they fade / but at night she shyly blushes

•the question is, could their baby feel / how miserable they are / or must his quiet speak that he knows peace?

•looking in the shadows / those dank dirty webs / you breathe not a word / but listen to a ghost die

•they let out a breath of wild desire / slowly falling down on the soft quilt / they smile and kiss all night

•i know about that woman / her kiss breathes joy in to my life / she laughs - i feel my heart warming

•to lie is to ask for trouble / it will satisfy the fool - but me? no / i know clean words have a freeing magic

•laugh away our foolish troubles or be miserable / but never lie to self - question your heart / broken, yet it heals

•naked woman perfume thick delicious / that liquid candy deep as velvet / with wild moist breath celebrates life
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