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Poetry vs Photography = Photo Finish

they fly and stream this web window
to clip and change
coupling them, i may craft poetry
from idle time spun

As you may have gathered from this small poem pictured above, as well as from my first post, Ode To My Magnetic Muse, my blog here is all about my new-found toy, "Poetry". Now, I am not saying it's fine art, but I am having fun, and that's good enough.

[NOTE - as of 1-1-11, I am adding in my photography, too -- gotta go where the Muse pulls me!]

Also,,  did not update their app when twitter changed permissions, and so the app does NOT send your poems to twitter -- they just disappear into the ether. But you can still play with the app to write tiny poems, and copy them down for yourself, so I will still be writing poems there and posting them to twitter then here. I hope they will fix it someday.

[Note: The app was working for the early part of 2013, now in June 2013 it has stopped sending the poems again. Sigh...  So, I grab a screen shot before the poems are lost.]

Most of my little word-thought-bits are made using Their app throws out some words, and you then arrange, rearrange, swap out what's left for new words, and continue until you are done.

You have to work within the confines of their program -- limited to 120 character/spaces, and also limited to their restricted vocabulary. But that's part of the fun and challenge, too. My personal challenge is to try NOT to use some of their words which I just find distasteful, or too negative, too misogynist (I won't even list them here).

Then you submit your poem, either anonymously into their twitter-stream, or into your own.

It's a fun way to spend some time, and a good mental exercise. Here's an article that discusses the value of doing twittermagnets poetry as a writing exercise, as it teaches you to be concise, and to communicate more clearly in fewer words. Titled: Twitter as writing coach, part I: Learn from Twitter poetry

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