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Abstract and Floral Photos on Designer Luxury Throw Pillows by Marianne Dow Photography

Exclusive to PerkyPillows -- Unique digital art photos by Marianne Dow /

Stuffed with Fluffy Stuff, but Not Stuffy
  • These Zazzle pillows are awesome...
  • The printing is bright and sharp, of course, and goes all the way to the edges (full-bleed is the printing term). 
  • And -- wait for it... -- you get twice the pillow for one price. 
  • Yes, a different image on each side. Redecorate with just a flip-over! 
  • These pillows are 100% cotton, and Made In the USA - something else to flip over - yay! 
  • The printed cases zip off for cleaning -- bonus feature! 

Ahem... An Ode To Pillows by Marianne Dow

The Pillows Effect -- What can pillows do for you? Pillows Make Everything Better
Pillow Power! A Pillow Works Wonders -- Wonderful Pillows! They bring your rooms to life.
There's always room for pillows -- and pillows make the room! Change your pillows, change your room/season/style/color-scheme/mood.

Pillow Talk -- Pillows talk-- express yourself -- your personality.
Stuffed with Fluffy Stuff, but Not Stuffy
Got Pillows? Get pillows. Designer pillows, decorator pillows, mod pillows, retro pillows, artsy pillows.

Wow, I could have had a pillow! Pillows Are Good For You. You can never have too many shoes or pillows. Pillows always fit (unlike shoes).

The Pillows Of Paradise -- They refresh your home, like it had a vacation (or got botox or a facelift). But less expensive!

BLING! Pillows are jewelry for home / room / couch / chair / bed.

BLING BLING!! 2 for 1 fun -- Reversible Pillows have Twice the Style -- BLING BLING a ding!

POP pillows! Feeling moody? Pop a pillow, not a pill. Flip them over. Flip over pillows! Pillow aren't fattening, like popovers.

Pillows --  Perky Pillows: Smart. Beautiful. Reversible. Incredible
Purchase via my Zazzle shop called PERKY PILLOWS.

Art Photography by Marianne Dow

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