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People, Part 2, Circus Big Top Tent Series

The circus came to town, but not too many people cared. It was too hot for one thing.

Here are my shots of the midway entertainment and concessions that were outside the gated ticket-holders area. Only a scattered handful of hardy souls braved the heat to attempt some of the amusements.

The rest of the crowd, such as it was, milled about in the 100 degree sun waiting for the show to start.

Not a single clown or acrobat in sight to get everyone excited. What a missed PR opportunity for the circus. Those kids must have wondered what all the fuss was about. Sure hope the performance was fabulous and made it worthwhile for everyone.

I snapped my photos and high-tailed it back to my air-conditioned home, without staying for the show. Maybe next time.

Here's People, Part 2, Circus Tent Series --

Art Photography by Marianne Dow

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