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Baby Birds Just Born #365project #photo 161/365

Baby Birds Just Born

Today the Robin's eggs started to hatch. I caught the first 2 newborns, as fresh from the egg as could be! The shutter sound sent this one wild, expecting a worm to be dropped in that wide-open throat. I had to back off to let the Mama Bird back in to tend to the rest of the birthing. I'll check on them tomorrow.

Added on 6-17-11 - video taken on 6-15-11 - the babies can only be called ugly at this point - those pretty blue shells are very misleading, to say the least! There are 4 babies, but the 4th seems less than energetic, and it is already a tight squeeze in that little nest.

#365project #photo 161/365 -- 06-10-11

Pop Art Pixels ~ Digital Art Photography by Marianne Dow

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