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free form flowing forth with no rhyme or reason ~ twitter sized poetry

A large batch of twitter sized poems from my file cabinet -- mixed themes with no rhyme or reason, just free form flowing forth.


this pool like window glass / with universes secrets seen / if breaching melts them / are we to never drink?

men ask her to linger, and embrace / will they miss her / smile laugh voice words? / no - only her lips

a ferocious man robs life of peace / with his hard heart present / our worry lingers - we are slow to speak, never laugh

an old heart - beats slowing / life melting in to vast eternity / remember this kiss? / then go freely, angel

feeling shunned, like a fleck of dirt / yet longing for more / one mans desire voiced as a growl / listen

lament shunned dark lies / question growl bellow squirm / ferocious insolent cut devour / broken fist sad cold / not sex

kiss embrace explore celebrate / blush gaze surround feel / delicious open warm ride / nude sacred desire trust / sex

i secretly go after you / quiet as i could / but the cold steels gleaming / was seen by your one good eye

the pool steamed when we were coupling / our hot breath circled up in to the night / lingering as ghosts of yesterday

we dance / i look briefly at my hands / on her, light as a cloud / soon they will throb, then be fists

ferocious dark red eyes blaze / their fire needleing hard - she knows our secret / for your perfume lingers my breath

cold shivering, feel it seeping bones / which alters how i lie here / and that hard miserable thing - me / dies

father is kept for eternity in my heart / i remember most his smiles / a life so deft, he was rob -d of time

brief seen girl is the only one / i will never have to look more / for i know her though my eyes put blind

we wake up, soon devouring kisses / i say there is no time for sex / then your sad look - i give in / you smile

once did like wild sex and delicious men / present - idle the day, decaying / bitter secrets & lies bleeding life away

the child flicks a marble at the stream / with his dog, exploreing the day / their trip cut too soon as shadows fall

deft crafty woman, blind bitter / laughs at them - bellowing / are you here or could we be ghosts?

shivering in night - but day changes / air altered / flower perfume danceing hot breezes / we go for a shade tree

ice a melon, drink, dance / surrounded by our wild boys / we celebrate the life we worked so hard for

i remember a picture of you / you put a hand up for shade / your eyes never looked away from me

child born shy, so shunned by his brothers / longing for their embraces / to heal his sad heart / but they never come

they bleed for peace / they kill, perhaps die / so troubles fist may never steel our sacred freeness away

growling feline with eye on a broken young thing / it dies - he will eat, devour this / fresh warm wet, bone too

from soft breezes waked / their warm rhythm surrounding / as we feel our desire born / how we ride the air stream

his gaze said it then his lips / i have to go explore, see, kiss them all / but i will always remember our brief time

shy in day i blush red from your look / never after the shade goes down / shivering though warm - must have desire fever

danceing smoke surrounds her / sailing the night sky as soft voiced secrets / listen - her kiss never lies

you smoke - decaying breath / your smile is trouble / why live, shunned from our homes / you must give them up

morning peace - let the quiet linger / but not for long / i celebrate the wild life my home has / once the boys are up

spun we are of ice / which is melted in fire / as shadows prisoner we live / with dieing, a liquid soon devoured

to our boastful self trouble falls / greed can change every thing / it will devour all our good but yet it longs

on fire, so fever - coloured / miserable, picking at my bleeding lips / if only the poison would kill me

his woman, her hot perfume / how it flowers the air / as he breathed, the man feels more a - live

warm red wetness seeping the hole in my heart / with fevered breath, i die / i go, not peacefully

translucent ghosts linger, shades haunting / handed slow eternity, time did alter their voice / to bitter growl

poisonly her perfume falls the night air / her web of lies and secrets embraceing / once spun it blinds him

man woman embraceing / soon surround and devour / the hot liquid darkness in / slow kisses that melt like caramels

our young eyes gaze at sky / dazzleing light falling from stars / we kiss - so delicious the dance of desire

to pick fresh flowers and let their / colour dazzle the eyes, perfume the air too / there is, she said - a good thing.

i wake him at morning light / thinking it night he lingered / but soon is away / he always goes home to her

woman shades her eyes / he is prisoner to her magic gaze / but he must look at her / let him desire her for once

never let a man rob your woman flower / as it not his to pick / he is to ask, as knowing that joy - so sacred

a child likes candy, pie, cake / they may like it less after devouring it / and feel miserable - their bellys poisoned

ice is in the air this morning / lips shiver, it needles my old bones / no good can come of feeling cold

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