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The Poetry of Love, or Sex? ~ 8 Twitter Sized Poems

we never satisfy desire
but how we do fool it for a night
our feelings fired by drink

liquid kiss, deep embrace
growled trouble for their fool heart
two live, die, melt above fresh sky
as born from sex

she's laughing -- naked -- wearing but a blush
heart beating wildly
her perfume of desire lingers
kissing the air

her smoky laugh's velvet embrace
her sexy smile -- wildly evocative
woman-magic spun hot fever nights

a smile from her fires his secret longing
her gaze spun him to a fever
their kiss so hot, his heart melts

his magic was his slow rythym
we dance to his blues-beat
my shivering heart kept time
yet warm our night kiss

naked they shiver, squirm, smile
rythym in their quiet,
which, though light, is concrete
remember their idle laughing

they smile, kiss -- devour sex too long
their reproaches salt their day
but they are not young
and embrace the sad

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